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YearCompass: The booklet that helps close your year and plan the next. 


Recovering our lives means attending to all aspects of our lives - mental, physical, emotional, social, vocational, educational, and spiritual. The links on this page provide tips and tools for improving and enriching life in these areas. 

Stress Management & Anxiety Reduction

60 Things to Be Grateful For In Life​

How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain

13 Things I’ve Learned Writing 1,024 Gratitude Lists

Seven Principles for Cultivating Gratitude

5 Tips to Supercharge Your Gratitude List and Infuse Your Life with Joy

The Real Reason Some of Us Are Chronically Late

13 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Every Day

50 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Self-Esteem

10 Reasons Why Losing Your Sh*t Will Make Your Life Come Together

12 Powerful Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety

The Alarming New Research on Perfectionism

Why People Self-Sabotage Their Happiness

Decreasing Drama in Your Life

The 3 Reasons Why You’re Drowning in a Sea of Clutter

10 Choices You Will Regret in 10 Years

HOW to forgive, and why you should.

10 Minutes to a Clutter-Free Morning

Breathe. Exhale. Repeat: The Benefits of Controlled Breathing

Be kinder to yourself. Research shows it could make you healthier.
Your Comfort Zone and Building Self-Esteem

How to Stop Taking Things Personally

Unable to sleep? The best ways you can trick yourself into dozing off
The 3 Types of Procrastination and How to Beat It
7 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Things Done
10 Clever Tricks to Trigger Positive Emotions

10 Habits Of Mentally Strong People

How I Became Obsessed With Personal Development and Why You Should Too

Gratitude Goodie Bags

Harvard neuroscientist: Meditation not only reduces stress, here’s how it changes your brain

Finding Volunteer Activities During the Holidays

Meditation: Sleep Talk Down

The Tree of Contemplative Practices

12 Powerful Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety

How Food Affects Your Stress Levels – Both Good and Bad

Addiction Recovery

SAMHSA Working Definition of Recovery

American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Definition of Addiction

Understanding Drug Use and Addiction

Drug Facts: Marijuana

Drug Facts: Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products

Comorbidity: Substance Use Disorders and Other Mental Illnesses

Drug Facts: Drugged Driving

Drug Facts: Electronic Cigarettes (E-cigarettes)

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous World Services

Co-Dependents Anonymous International

Adult Children of Alcoholics®/ Dysfunctional Families

SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training)

Gamblers AnonymousSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

The 4 Traits That Put Kids at Risk for Addiction

10 Things The Adult Child Of An Addict Wants You To Know

4 Signs You’re Ready to Make a Change

How to Redesign Your Life With Just 3 Questions

8 Daily Habits to Build Your Mental Strength

Making Amends in Addiction Recovery

The GORSKI-CENAPS Model: A Comprehensive Overview

Brains in Pain Cannot Learn!

Urge Tracker

The Winner’s Guide to Nutrition in Recovery

The Importance of Humility in Recovery

The 7th Step of the 12 Step Process of Recovery: What is Humility?

Mindful Recovery Podcast: Coping With Triggers and Cravings

A Sober Girls Guide Podcast

Heroes in Recovery: Recovery Stories

Thought for the Day

Just for Today Meditation

Having a Support System in Sobriety

5 Reasons to Have a Support System in Addiction Recovery

How to Get to Know Someone Better

How to Keep a Conversation Going and Never Run Out of Things to Say

How Does a Strong Support Network Keep You Sober?

Why Having A Sober Support Network Is Important To Your Recovery

Understanding Support Networks in Recovery from Addiction​​

Benefits of a Gratitude List in Recovery

What You Should Know About Early Recovery and PAWS


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